The Holidays are just behind as memories of another year. I find this is the best time to start artwork projects with my favorite media, which is of course, beadwork. Creativity relaxes me and keeps me away from the fridge as I pour my energies into crafting new designs.  Below are some super fun ideas.

Pacific Beads has so many little single and double terminated points in an array of different genuine stones of your choice. Use nail polish (I like gold color) to embellish before wiring them up to make pendants.  Pacific Beads also has small geodes that you could varnish the edges and make into your own special pendant.

With a bit of imagination you could work chain, beads, and metal finding into artistic combinations that signify your personality.  We have glass pendants with illustrious color that will make our cold, rainless season brighter.  Wrap the glass from the assortment of wire or leather found in Pacific Beads.  Use our tassels to mix up chain and beads for your distinct taste. Purchase some tools and wires to make all your jewelry desires into reality.

Try making colorful picture boxes with agate.

You can use Agate slices from our bead store, in an array of colors and bands to make charming stained glass.

Individualize your home with Agate slices as glass coasters, they are so versatile and pretty.