Creativity like Jewelry making:  Simulates Seniors’ Brains.

Most of us have had anxiety when we have those “senior moments.”

I know that countless times I have stood in the doorway of a room thinking, “What did I come here for????”

You can do something that will help the situation……beading and jewelry making.

Geriatric studies have shown that being creative, like making your own jewelry improves memory incredibly.  According to a study by geriatric psychologist Gene Cohen, it showed that older people who continued with innovation, benefit not only mentally but amazingly physically as well. Picking your own colors and style of beads is an important part of the beading art.

Creativity, apparently, fires neurons in a way that creates connections in the brain. If you would like to improve your memory, come to Pacific Beads and sign up for a class or, even more fun, get friends together for a jewelry workshop or party. I find that as you get older you lose your fear of being right or wrong, whether your choice is in style or not in style, and you just choose designs and colors of beads or gems that make you happy.  It makes the process so much more enjoyable.

Remember that creativity stimulates cognitive function and improves self-esteem! It also reduces stress and anxiety. Many of our ladies have found that they lose weight when they bead. Beading keeps them enrapt and they forget to forage in the fridge.

Dr. Bruce Miller, a neurologist at UC San Francisco says, “Even though our brains age, it doesn’t diminish our ability to create.”

Though you may not think you are creatively inclined, share your handmade gift with friends and family, it will make you feel good.  Furthermore, it will help with hand-eye coordination, cognitive abilities, and concentration.

According to a study published in the Journal of Aging Studies, creative activities boost problem solving skill and give you a sense of satisfaction and pride. We need to perform tasks that challenge our brain and form new connections in our brains. The more connections in our brain, the better we fare. Continuous art activity boosts our memory!

You can make simple or intricate designs, anything your heart desires.