Saturday, July 21st  from noon to 1 pm we have a special guest coming to our location and we invite you to join us for FREE! Join us for a wonderful discussion with  Dr. East Haradin, the founder of Gem Elixirz.

This month we are delighted to have a special guest lecture about the energy and healing qualities of geodes and crystals. Dr. East Haradin, the founder of Gem Elixirz will be giving a free and interactive talk on how to integrate gemstones into the day to day lives. It is important as well as interesting to know where to place geodes in your home and office to attain your purpose. The lecture will be a lot of fun with audience participation.

Speaker Spotlight: East Haradin. With a commitment to helping others actualize their full potential and well-being, Dr. East Haradin has been a licensed acupuncturist and practitioner of integrative medicine since 1999. Her private practice has focused on the use of East Asian Medicine, nutrition, and aromatherapy in the treatment of anti-aging/rejuvenation, sports therapy, fertility enhancement, and overall well-being. In 2013 she joined the Mind Body Medical Group at the Chopra Center in Carlsbad, CA as a specialist offering acupuncture.


In addition to a private practice, she shares her passion for this medicine as a professor and clinical supervisor at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in San Diego, CA. Her education includes a BA in Business, a Master Degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine and a Doctorate of Acupuncture an Oriental Medicine, with her research and clinical trial focused on combining aromatherapy with acupuncture. Around the same time of her clinical research, Dr. East founded Gem Elixirz TM, a company offering unique aromatherapy products that combine the power of aromatherapy and gemstones for the purpose of transformative healing and well-being.

Surround yourselves with geodes and good healing this summer, join us Juy 21st.  Learn about all the benefits of aromatherapy and crystal healing. Aside from the geodes of amethyst, citrine, Labradorite, quartz and many others, we now have the Good Luck genuine stone tree in different sizes.  Some call them “The Money Tree” from the Chinese legend of the holy tree that could bring money and good fortune those who came in contact with this magical tree.

Clear your calendars on Saturday, July 21st  from noon to 1 pm

Some other products we will be featuring is our Adorable Mother/Daughter and Father/Son bracelets, made in the USA have just arrived.  I have found that little girls are overjoyed to wear copies of their mother’s accessories and I suspect little boys feel the same way about their Dads. For our ladies, we have the prettiest summer earrings newly displaced in our showcases. Light breezy moonstone, summer turquoise, genuine rose quartz and other sparkling summer evening wear earrings. Pacific Beads has new and exciting pieces of jewelry and gems constantly.

We wish you a happy Beading, Jewelry and Crystal Summer filled with love and exciting events.

Please don’t forget to come on Saturday July 21st at noon, we are looking forward to welcoming you to the lecture.