A shipment of Snow White geodes mined in the desert sands of Morocco has just arrived. These geodes are formed over eons of time between the interaction of water, air and rock. Apart of being different and beautiful white geodes it is said to have wondrous metaphysical properties.

Snow Quartz is said to have a gentle energy that helps you overcome many difficulties. Its icy looking appearance symbolizes clarity and innocence. It can help you see the world around clearer eyes and recognize the gifts that surround you. Once you recognize this you gain a more positive and powerful perspective of your world. This geode can activate your crown chakra and will help you reach your higher self.

If placed by a computer or laptop is thought to protect you against radiation.  Pacific Beads also has points from Snow White geode, which can be used in a whole different dimension. Points amplify the energy of each crystal and while browsing at Pacific Beads you can choose your different crystal needs.

Just arrived are large points in Tourmaline, streaked Rainbow Fluoride in different shades of purples and soft deep pink Rose Quartz. Points are useful to direct energy to a specific area, great for little children and pets.

Coming to Pacific Beads are Crystal Healing grids. You will be able to choose crystal layouts to create a union of energy. Please watch our Facebook notices for updates.

Summer is such a great time to wear jewelry and Pacific Beads has a great array of Sterling Silver jewelry. Fun and young silver rings and pendants, sophisticated classic pendants, bracelets and rings, there is something for everyone. Light cool clothes are perfect to show off your adornments for both day and evening.

For the artist jewelry lovers, Pacific Beads has a variety of beads, many shapes and sizes in real stone, pearls and glass to make your own or design a gift. In addition you will find threads, leather findings and seedbeads.

Our Lava stone beads are perfect for retaining essential oils. One or two drops of essential oil on a Lava bead are all you need absorb the scent. Our Lava strands come in sizes of 8mm, 10mm and 12mm.

Wishing you all an enjoyable and lively summer with lots of fun Beading and Jewelry!

From your very own and local Pacific Beads wishing you a lovely