Facebook Live Auctions

Pacific Beads holds 4 hour live Facebook Live auctions every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday!

Wednesday Show - 4:00-6:00pm - is a beads only show

Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday Show - 3:30-7:30pm - is jewelry for the first two hours and geodes/stones for the last two hours

To claim items during a live auction, you must register through the following process:


We want to address customers' complaints about participants who claim items prematurely in the live shows. 
Pacific Beads understands this concern. We are fortunate enough to have the system recognizes this pattern after a few occurrences of premature claiming. As a result, people who bid ahead of time are temporarily blocked through the system. After a certain extent, a temporary bans will be permanent. To customers who are frustrated with this irritant, rest assured that our system will alleviate this. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Due to the nature of CommentSold's claiming and purchasing method during Facebook live shows, we have an adapted shipping policy that only applies to purchases made during Facebook live shows:

Purchases made during Facebook Live shows will not charge further shipping fees for 12 hours after the first purchase. Thus, multiple purchases can be made during a Facebook Live show without accumulating further shipping fees past the initial purchase


How to Register

Prior to Auction

1. Link your Facebook to our shopping platform by registering via the following link: pacificbeads.commentsold.com
The new shop link is available on our Facebook page 

2. Under "My Account" click the "Connect Messenger" link and then the blue "Get Started " button
3. A grey box will pop up stating: "Check the box below to receive updates" - Check this box to connect Facebook Messenger to our shop!

Facebook Messenger instructional infographic ]

During Auction

1. Comment "Register" in the Facebook Live chat
3. An accompanying link will be sent to you, but you will have to leave to Facebook Live to register

How to Claim an Item

1. Comment "Sold (Item ID)" in Facebook Live chat
2. A request for payment and shipping will be sent via Facebook Messenger



  • Please input a shipping address even if you are a local customer picking up - the system requires an address for the customer to input payment