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With the simple registration below, purchasing through Facebook is now streamlined for your ease.

Watch Live

Watch at your leisure, live or later, and listen to the expertise of the owner and host, Shlomo.

Join us Tuesday thru Saturday, 4:30 to 8:30pm, Friday 2:00 to 4:00pm PST


Claim items in chat and automatically receive a message on Facebook Messenger. Check out our adjusted 12 hour free shipping and 30-day return policies below.

Why Register?

  • Claim items live
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 10-20% OFF discounts
  • Mystery gifts & specialty items


How to Register

How do I connect my account to Facebook Messenger?

After an account is made, click "My Account" and then "Connect Messenger."

How do I claim items?

In the live-stream chat, comment "Sold (item number)" - the item number will be at the top of your screen when it is being displayed. If you comment after someone else, you will be put on the waitlist. A notification will be sent to your Facebook Messenger

Can I register later, during the live-stream?

Yes. Simply watch us live and comment "Register" in the live-stream chat. You will then receive a link to register.

I'm an in-store pickup & I cannot complete my order

At checkout, be sure to include an address even if you are an in-store pickup. Without it, you cannot complete your order at checkout.

Do I have to watch via Facebook?

Yes, you must link the CommentSold account to Facebook and watch via Facebook live. That is how the system tracks what you claim - it is sent to your Facebook Messenger when you claim an item.

What are the discounts?

Pacific Beads gives a surprise coupon code for 10-20% OFF your entire live-stream order at the beginning of the show. These coupons typically expire past 10PM PST of the night of the Facebook live-stream.


  • Monday & Thursday
  • 5:30 - 7:30/8:00PM PST


Still need a nudge?

Visit the live-stream policies and FAQ page for an in-depth description of the perks of our Facebook Live Sales

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