Regal amethyst is the stone for the month of February. Both Pisces and Aquarius are signs under February.

Aquarius is from January 19th to February 18th at which point Pisces takes it to March 20th. I will go over both star’s traits, just for fun.

Aquarius’s strengths are progressive, original and independent. Their weaknesses are emotional, temperamental and uncompromising.  They love being with friends, fighting for causes and helping others. They hate boredom.

Pisces’s strengths are compassionate, intuitive gentle wise and artistic. (Maybe bead designers?) Their weaknesses are fearful, and overly trusting. Pisces don’t mind being alone, love music, romance and spiritual themes. They hate cruelty of any kind.

Amethyst is the Zodiac stone for Pisces and also linked to the Wind element.

The word “Amethyst” comes from Greek and has an interesting story to it. According to the Greek myth, Dionysus, the Greek of Wine was angry after being insulted by a mortal. He set a trap using tigers to attack and kill any mortal who crossed his path. A beautiful girl, named Amethystos, was on her way to pay respects to the god Artemis. Before the tigers could eat her, Artemis quickly turned her into a quartz crystal to save her.  When Dionysus saw what he had done, he was so remorseful that he wept many tears of wine over the quartz crystal thus giving it the purple color.

In many cultures Amethyst is the indicator of wealth, royalty and class. Egyptian pharaohs, Catherine the Great and English Crown jewels all had a love of the amethyst stone. Above is a picture of a young Catherine the Great of Russia with her dazzling jewelry.

Leonardo Da Vinci once wrote that the amethyst protected him from evil thoughts and that it improved clarity in the mind. He also thought that it made men shrewd and better at business. It is appreciated today and in Eastern philosophies that Amethyst is used for protection and to attract wealth.

It is important therefore, the placement of an Amethyst geode in the home. Clusters or a geode of Amethyst should be placed in the wealth corner. If you are going through an emotionally hard time, Feng Sui recommends keeping a small smooth Amethyst in your pocket at all times.

Amethyst is associated with the crown chakra, which represents our connection with the spiritual world. It also is associated with the third eye chakra, which relates to intuition and psychic abilities.

Even the Christian Church valued Amethyst. Roman Catholic Bishop usually chose amethyst for their episcopal rings.  The amethyst symbolizes piety, humility, sincerity and spiritual wisdom. It also denotes the betrothal to the church.

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