Marcasite pin is replica of Art Deco from the 1920s.

Pacific Beads has a lavish collection of sterling silver jewelry. Our designs range from Southwest look, classical Italian, ornate Bali, high polished Mexican and many more from around the world. We have selections of jewelry, silver with semi-precious stones, plain silver, to fun crystals and glass. Our showroom, located on Clairemont Mesa Blvd, features jewelry from artisans around the world.

Gold vermeil bracelet over sterling silver, made in Italy.

Browse at our store and you can find simple, elegant, and exotic ornate jewelry selection, all for astounding reasonable prices, like this bracelet from Italy.

Sterling silver jewelry is a great alternative to white gold or platinum. It’s affordable, durable and does not have the price tag associated with gold.  Designers love to work with this white metal as it’s malleable and durable and for that reason you can find the latest trends in Silver jewelry as well as baroque styles.

Sterling silver Italian bracelet with CZ,  note that the clasp is adjustable to fit a wrist any size.

There are so many possibilities to dress up or dress down sterling silver jewelry. Add a little sparkle, like the above, for an evening affair.

This beautiful stone is Turquoise.

Casual Southwest look typifies our region, remaining so popular for years to come.  Gorgeous pieces are handed down from mother to daughter.

An example of Thai workmanship with crystal stone.

Note the beautiful workmanship on this ornate ring, one of many unusual designs at Pacific Beads.  Thai artists also use silver with precious stones like ruby and emerald, but in the lesser quality stone.

I would like to take this opportunity to familiarize you on elements and qualities of silver jewelry.

99.9% pure silver is very soft and difficult to work with so silver is an alloy containing  92.5% pure silver and 7.5% other metals, usually copper. When buying silver make sure there is a 925 hallmark stamp assuring that it is Sterling Silver. Silver Plate does not mean sterling silver. There is confusion among the public that “silver plated” is in fact real silver. Silver Plate means that base metal has been dipped into a silver solution thereby covering the item with a thin layer of silver. It’s always a good idea to receive some kind of guarantee from the seller. Remember you are always welcome to bring your silver pieces to us to ascertain if it is truly sterling silver.

Here are some interesting historical facts about silver.

In Egypt, during the Old Kingdom, silver was more valuable than gold. Remember the biblical story of Joseph hiding a silver cup in his brother Benjamin’s bag.

The American revolutionary Paul Revere was regarded as one of the best silversmiths from the “Golden Age of American Silver.”  

In Colonial America, sterling silver was used for currency and general goods as well. Between 1634 and 1776, some 500 silversmiths created items in the “New World” ranging from simple buckles to ornate Rococo coffee pots. Although silversmiths of this era were typically familiar with all precious metals, they primarily worked in sterling silver.