I am so excited and ready for the lovely long days of summer. It’s time to dress up for summer, to expose our hands and arms to rings and bracelets. Pacific Beads has just received the most glorious variety of silver jewelry with unusual stones in rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. We have moonstone, Labradorite (which reflects the Northern Lights, its place of birth), Ruby, Sapphire, and of course June birthstones.

June is one of the few months with three birthstones, Pearl, Alexandrite, and moonstone. We have Mystic Topaz which can be used as a June birthstone as it has a similar color to Alexandrite.

The month of June includes both Gemini and Cancer zodiac signs. Gemini is for those born between the dates of May 21st to June 20th. Cancer is for those born between the dates of June 21st and July 22nd.

Cancer people, opaque as the Pearl, moonstone, and Alexandrite, is sometimes hard to get to know. Those born under the Cancer sign are sensitive, emotional, sympathetic, and care deeply about the family and home. They are usually very sentimental and enjoy receiving jewelry gifts especially from a loved one. They also like giving and are always there to support family and friends in times of hardship. Trust their intuition, they are usually dead on.

Gemini people, on the other hand, are expressive and quick witted.  They are communicative and usually ready for fun. Your Gemini loves being the center of attention.   Those born under this twin sign often speak their minds, regardless of the outcome.

All signs love geodes. Geodes are nature’s surprise packages, with the hard usually dull colored outer rock like the gift cardboard box and the gift is sparkling colored crystals on the inside. Selenite reminds me of summer with its opaque white color and is said to unblock stagnant energy. Our hot dry summers are a good time to get to work on clearing out spaces and vitalize your home.

New to Pacific Beads is the large sized money or good luck crystal trees. Feng Shui uses them to stimulate wealth in the home or office. Pacific Beads makes sure that all their Good Luck trees have real gemstones to maximize the crystal force.  Not only do these ornaments encourage wealth (according to Feng Shui) but are so very pretty. When placed in the home they can be a conversation piece for visitors to admire and query.

I hope you all enjoy this summer and I wish you all fun, laughter, and of course lots of beads.