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Explore our enchanting San Diego store filled with top-quality healing crystals, exquisite jewelry, and beautiful beads for crafting or shop online to unearth the magic within our thoughtfully curated selection or gifts, jewelry, beads, and more. Discover unique, in-house designed silver jewelry meticulously created to harmonize beauty with the energies of the crystals.

Ignite your creative spirit with our carefully selected beads, perfect for jewelry making and crafting projects, or browse our decor options to elevate your space with elegant items featuring healing crystals that bring positivity and serenity. 

Indulge in luxury and well-being with our premium crystals, jewelry, and beads; the finest treasures of the Earth.

Store Hours

Monday-Thursday: 10am-6pm

Friday: 10am-5pm

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Sunday: Closed

Livestream Shows

Join the excitement of our LIVESTREAM SHOWS every Monday and Thursday 5:30PM PST with worldwide shipping available.
Explore an exquisite collection of crystals, jewelry, and beads with worldwide shipping, and buy right there online! 
Enjoy exclusive 10-20% OFF discounts, hand-selected crystal 'specimens,' and be amazed by the Special Value items revealed in every Livestream!