Live-stream Sales


Follow the registration guidelines below to purchase choice items from Pacific Beads through Facebook or Instagram.

Watch Live

Watch our livestreams at your leisure - live or later - and listen to the expertise of our host, Shlomo.


'Claim' items live in-chat, and your will automatically receive a message via Instagram DM or Facebook Messenger.

How to Join LIVE

By registering an account on CommentSold, you link a 'virtual cart' to your social media - Instagram or Facebook - account. Once linked, you can comment on items you want to purchase in real-time, as they are shown by our owner Shlomo.


How do I Register for Livestream shopping?

Register now by clicking the 'REGISTER NOW' button on the righthand side of this page, or go to:

Can I register later, during the live-stream?

Yes. During a Livestream, simply comment "Register" in the Livestream chat. You will automatically receive a link to create an account (virtual shopping cart) that you connect to your associated social media account.

How do I connect my new account to Messenger?

After creating an account, click "My Account" and then select "Connect Messenger."

I already have an account. How do I login in?

First, login to your Facebook or Instagram account on your phone or laptop. Find our livestream on your feed or search for our page @pacificbeads. Click on the livestream to join the chat. Type in "Register" and click the link you receive to verify you are logged in. Then, comment to claim items!

I do not remember my password for my social media account. Can you help?

No. Pacific Beads does not have access to any of your social media information. However, we can reset your password for your CommentSold account (the account that you purchase items from on Livestream Sales), upon request.

How do I claim items Live?

In the Livestream chat, comment "Sold [item number] [size]" of the item being displayed. The [item number] is the 3 digit number at the top of your screen, accompanied by a small picture. A [size] sometimes, but now always, is associated with an item being sold. The [size] available will be below the [item number]. For instance, beads will often have sizes: 4, 6, 8, 10 (mm). Stretch bracelets will have sizes ranging from 6.5 - 9 (inches). Do not include "mm" or "inches" or "size" in your comment. If you comment after the item has been claimed by someone else, you will be notified that you are on a waitlist.

Do I have to watch via Facebook or Instagram?

Yes, you must link the CommentSold account to Facebook and/or Instagram, and watch via one of these social media accounts. The social media account is how you can watch and claim live. However, you can re-watch old Livestream videos after the show and comment on items in-chat.

What are the discounts?

Pacific Beads will supply surprise coupon codes for 10-20% OFF your Livestream order at the beginning of the show. You MUST input the coupon code as it is written BEFORE checking out. These coupons typically expire past 10PM PST of the night of the Facebook live-stream.

Why do I not see the discounted prices in my cart that were listed Live?

During the Livestream, our owner and host Shlomo lists the price you see in your cart and then the discounted price. To be given a discount, you MUST input the 'Coupon Code' that is associated with the Livestream for that day. It will be said verbally and posted in-chat.

I want an in-store pickup & I cannot complete my order

At checkout, be sure to include an address even if you are an in-store pickup. Without it, you cannot complete your order at checkout.

Will you ship to [location]?

Yes. Pacific Beads offers worldwide shipping! For any questions or concerns, please direct message us on Facebook or email

What's the big deal?

  • Claim items LIVE
  • Crystals, jewelry, & beads
  • Worldwide shipping
  • 10-20% OFF discounts
  • Special Value items every Livestream
  • Crystal 'specimens' are hand selected


Still need a nudge?

Visit the live-stream policies and FAQ page for an in-depth description of the perks of our Facebook Live Sales

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