Wholesale Interest Form

At Pacific Beads, we support other small businesses by offering wholesale and bulk pricing to entrepreneurs across the U.S. Whether you are just starting out or already established, let us know how we can help supply you with the products you need to be successful! Please fill out the form below and we will contact you shortly.


Wholesale FAQ below

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1

    Do you ship?

    Yes! We ship our merchandise nationally and internationally with exceptional rates.
  2. 2

    What qualifies as wholesale/bulk?

    If you are a business owner, then you will receive wholesale pricing. As with anything, buying in larger quantities will guarantee lowest possible prices, but we anticipate any business owner or practitioner regularly using our products to buy frequently, and therefore we can offer businesses of various sizes wholesale pricing. 

    Whether you are just starting out with lower inventory, or buying inventory for a larger store or practice, we can cater to your volume and pricing needs!
  3. 3

    Do I still qualify for wholesale if I have a business but don’t need crystals in bulk?

    We understand some businesses need unique, one of a kind items such as interior designers, event planners, and other specialized fields. Please be clear about your business needs and we will cater to you with wholesale prices within your specialized needs. 

    We have gotten door knobs, chimes, tapestries, sage, bowls, tubs, globes, lamps, large sculptures and geodes, and even sinks carved from stone! 
  4. 4

    What if I don’t have proof of business?

    • We understand that some businesses operate on a smaller level or out of their home such as etsy shops and independent hobbyists. If you cannot provide proof of business, please visit us in person to get best prices.
  5. 5

    How will I be communicating with your store?

    • Our employees are able to provide a personal shopping experience for those who cannot visit our store in-person
    • If you can visit us in person, we can provide you ample time to shop with personal attention (as needed) both during and outside of store hours
    • Preffered communication for Wholesale buyers is by phone call/text/WhatsApp/etc.
    • Invoices can be sent by email if you are not local
  6. 6

    Do you cater to collectors?

    • Yes! If you are interested in rare, unique items only, we can remain in correspondence with you and offer excellent pricing for regular customers. We highly recommend watching our Livestream Sales and auctions on Instagram and Facebook, as well as following us on Instagram and Facebook - we often post unique items for sale here first!